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Employee Drug Training on USB - Non-DOT

Employee Drug Training on USB - Non-DOT



Award Winning Employee Drug and Alcohol Training, Interviews of an Addict Series Available on USB in High Definition


"Drugs at Work"  Complete your drug training for employees.  Topics covered include: the signs and symptoms of drugs, paraphernalia, random notifications, shy bladder, refusal to submit (including a refusal of an alcohol test), issues dealing with the violation of Company Policy and numerous problems and situations that will come up on a day to day basis regarding a Non-DOT drug and alcohol program. This is must have DVD for your Non-DOT  employee training collection. Approximate time is 60 minutes. This disk will cover your employee drug training and is complimented with the disks (Supervisor Drug Training "A Clean Slate" Non-DOT ACS-NON and Supervisor Alcohol Training :"Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan" Non-DOT AMPP-NON. Look for the discounted 3-Pack option.)

Includes training binder with: 

  • Intensive Instructor Guide
  • Exams
  • Supervisor Handout
  • Employee Handout
  • Information on testable drugs, alcohol, as well as additional drugs
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Class Attendance Sheet

Price: $150.00

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