Rock or Brick Without the Weight!

ALL panels are certified with a "CLASS A" fire rating.

Advanced Rock Technologies™ uses state-of-the-art polyurethane chemistry to create faux rock veneers used on our simulated faux rock panels, stone panels, and brick panels. We combine UV stabilizers, scratch resistant agents and additives to enhance the texture and feel of the fake rock, stone and brick veneer surface. Most importantly we use oxide pigments that are applied to the mold prior to PU injection making the longevity of the surface infinitely superior to traditional painted surfaces. This technology allows us to produce an incredibly strong lightweight product. Our fake rock panel, faux stone panel, and simulated brick veneer panels resist blunt trauma such as baseball bats, bicycles, lawnmower wheels, and a child’s errant throw. In addition to the strength and the visual appeal, our products offer significant insulative properties (R-Value) unachievable with traditional siding or masonry.

Our faux artificial rock, fake stone and brick panels and siding weigh less than 1 pound per square foot, and because each simulated panel covers several square feet, the overall cost and ease of installation is much less than that of traditional masonry panel products. In fact, labor savings on fake stone panel installation often exceeds the actual cost of our products.

Surround yourself with ART!

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Appalachian Stacked Stone Panels Chesapeake Bay Stacked Stone Panels Cumberland Ledgestone Panels Dover Ledgestone Panels Moab Panels
Rocky Mountain Cut Stone Panels Pueblo Cut Sandstone Panels Clear Creek Field Stone Klamath Falls River Rock Panels
Cimarron River Dry Stack Panels Pikes Peak Dry Stack Panels Tamworth Stone Panels Hertford Stone Panels
Wasatch Stacked Stone Panels Blue Ridge Stacked Stone Panels Bitterroot Stacked Stone Panels Big Horn Stacked Stone Panels
Victorian Brick Old Schoolhouse Brick Panels Cambridge Brick Panels Warehouse Brick Panels
Ozark Slate Panels Allegheny Slate Panels

Faux stone, fake rock and artificial brick panels manufactured by Advanced Rock Technologies™ are made to look exactly like real masonry veneer.  These artificial rock, faux brick and fake stone panels are made from lightweight polyurethane and are indistinguishable from products installed by skilled masons.  Using our faux rock panels you can create authentic looking walls without the mess and expense of cement and mortar.

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